Earning Miles

With Flying Blue, you don’t just earn Miles every time you fly. Watch your Miles increase when booking a hotel, renting a car, or shopping with one of our many partners.

How to earn Miles

If you’re a Flying Blue member, you’ll earn Miles when flying with KLM or one of our partner airlines. All you need to do is providing your Flying Blue number during booking. You’ll also earn Miles every time you book a hotel or rent a car via one of our partners, shop in our Flying Blue Store, or use your Flying Blue credit card.

Discover all ways to earn Miles

How much you earn

You earn Miles for each euro you spend on KLM and Air France flights (including the carrier surcharge, but excluding other taxes and fees) and when you buy extra options such as extra baggage, seats, and à la carte meals. How many Miles you earn, depends on your Flying Blue level.

  • Explorer: 4 Miles per euro spent
  • Silver: 6 Miles per euro spent
  • Gold: 7 Miles per euro spent
  • Platinum: 8 Miles per euro spent
  • Flying Blue Ultimate: 9 Miles per euro spent

Already earned Miles?

Check how many Miles you’ve earned so far in your personal Miles overview.

Miles missing?

Miles are added to your counter within 24 hours after your flight. If the Miles haven’t been added to your Flying Blue account, you can claim your missing Miles.