Flying while pregnant

Want to know what to keep in mind if you’re pregnant and planning a trip? We recommend getting medical clearance. Read our full advice here.

When you can fly

First of all: congratulations on your pregnancy! In most cases, you can safely fly without health risks for you and your baby.

There are scenarios in which we advise you not to fly:

  • If you are 36 weeks or more into your pregnancy.
  • During the first week following delivery.

Medical clearance

We advise you to get medical clearance from your physician before you board the aircraft. You don’t have to submit this to us in advance.

We also recommend letting our staff know you’re pregnant and what your expected due date is. This way, they can assist you better.

Are you expecting more than 1 baby, or have you had complications during pregnancy in the past? Please always consult your physician before departure.

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