Sweet temptation in Prague’s pastry shops

If you have a sweet tooth, Prague is the place to be. The city offers an abundance of candies, cakes and chocolate. Almost every street has at least one cukrárna or pastry shop where all kinds of goodies in shop windows beg to be tasted. Choose cheerful marzipan figures or opt for a fruit pastry bursting with blueberries and cream. And who can resist a slice of freshly baked bábovka, or bundt cake?

Prague macaroons

Prague macaroons

The charm of the 1930s

Erhartova Cukrárna is quite the landmark in Prague. Many Czechs fondly remember long-ago birthday parties where they were treated to Erhartova cakes. The branch in Letná district has been there since 1937 and, apart from a little refurbishment, little has changed in the interior since. If you are lucky, you might get a spot by the window where you can order a pot of tea, choose a selection of the multi-coloured macarons, and let the busy city life quietly pass you by.

Delicious cukrárnas

Delicious cukrárnas

Baking alchemists

Alchymista is one of the most charming cukrárnas in Prague. The location of this cosy establishment is betrayed by the wonderful aromas wafting from within. Guests can choose from many types of loose tea here and there is also a wide selection of cakes with French names – how about a Mont Blanc, a huge chocolate cake? A ceiling fresco by the artist Jan Kristofori revolves around the alchemy theme, which explains the name of the establishment. In summer, you can relax in the romantic courtyard with a cool glass of rosé and a delicious sweet snack.

Charles Square

Charles Square

Italian sweet shop

Italská Cukrárna is no ordinary pastry shop – as the name indicates, it mostly offers Italian sweets. You can choose from as many as 20 different types of sundaes and 30 flavours of homemade Italian ice cream. And it’s not just the ice that comes in all colours: stark nuances typify the rest of the interior too. The somewhat kitschy wall paintings of Venetian vistas and brightly coloured plastic chairs only contribute to the lively atmosphere of this pastry shop. Italská Cukrárna is near Charles Square, making it ideal as a rest stop after a walk in the park.

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