3 x nightlife in hip Friedrichshain

No European city is as famous (and infamous) for its boundless nightlife as Berlin. Thanks to unrestricted opening hours the night never ends and nowhere more so than in Friedrichshain. During the Cold War this neighbourhood on the Spree River became derelict and shabby, but since the Wall came down it has been rejuvenated. Here you will find 3 nightclubs where you can let go of all inhibitions until early Monday morning.



Derelict factory shed with open-air cinema

Located in a dilapidated factory shed next to a shunting yard, Cassiopeia draws a predominantly young crowd. The venue hosts alternative club nights on 2 different storeys, each with their own dance floor. There are often concerts and festivals, and in summer there is also a Biergarten, an outdoor cinema and a Sunday flea market. The location only enhances the underground vibe: to access the club, you have to crawl through a hole in the wall in Revaler Straße, around Simon-Dach-Straße across from Café Kültürzeit. Cassiopeia shares this so-called RAW-Gelände (Industrial Zone) with Berlin’s largest skateboard hall and other popular nightclubs such as Astra Kulturhaus and Suicide Circus.

The garden of Wilde Renate

The garden of Wilde Renate

House Party at Renate

Salon Zur wilden Renate is a nightclub that stays open from Saturday night until the very last clubber turns off the light - usually sometime Monday afternoon. The abandoned apartment complex has several dance floors spread out over various storeys. The basement features a labyrinth of corridors and smaller rooms. The attic boasts a VIP area with a small dance floor. In summer people dance outside in the courtyard. Renate doesn’t quite feel like a nightclub, more like an out-of-control house party – just as Berlin's nightlife is supposed to be.

The garden of club

The garden of club

Maze-like squat with disco and techno

Many believe that the club named is the perfect successor of the now defunct Kater Holzig. Similar to nearby Salon Zur wilden Renate, this club is a barely fixed-up squat house with a maze of corridors and rooms that lead to 2 dance floors. Music ranges from disco and house to techno, dub step, drum `n` bass and electro. There are also frequent concerts, movie screenings and theme parties. The garden is also open in winter and an attraction in itself with seats around a camp fire, a hip hop log cabin and a 3rd dance floor inside a large tent. Just dance to stay warm.

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